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A brief introduction for those who would like to know a little more about me.

I am a professional photographer in Ahmedabad,India and content writer based in Ahmedabad,India. A few years ago , I decided to opt out of the corporate rat race and set off on a path of my own choice. A path leading to a journey of photography, writing, and travel, after notching up about 13 odd years in advertising. This was a transformational experience that  helped me create my own unique approach towards creative visual and written communication.

I always did like to write. Matter of fact, my journey in advertising began as a copy writer. As time passed and careers changed and evolved,  my passion for writing continued. This, coupled with a love for travel, took the form of  little stories and articles I wrote to share with the world my experiences of places explored and people met.

Today I have taken this knack for creative writing and developed it into a career covering a broad spectrum of specialties including content writing, copy writing, blog writing, article writing, book writing, story writing and editing…in short any form of writing.

A wise man once said…“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Somewhere along the way I made friends with the camera, and photography became another abiding passion, which today has evolved into a career as a professional photographer.

A turning point in my evolution as a photographer was the  month I spent training in advanced photography techniques at The Creative Hut Institute of Photography in Kerala under the tutelage of Abin and Anu Alex. The bike ride from Ahmedabad to Kerala and the unique experience of living in a gurukul, living , breathing photography day in and day out, was an experience that stays with me to this day.

Soon after;  the satisfaction of becoming a Getty Images Contributor , validated and encouraged this passion, as did having a few submissions to National Geographic’s  ‘Daily Shot’  being chosen as an Editors Pick.

A gypsy at heart, travel remains my salvation, and travel writing and travel photography my favorite forms of creative expression. However, I also specialize in product photography, documentary photography, and fashion photography.

My ultimate dream is to scale the top of my chosen profession, and one day join the league of best photographers and creative writers/copy writers in India. Along the way, I will continue to travel, write, photograph and share stories of my journeys and experiences on my blog

Hope you like what you see and will keep coming back for more!